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Friendly Meeting and Celebration in February 2018



You are warmly invited to a
friendly meeting and celebration


Sunday, February 18, 2018

from 2:00 PM to 5 PM

at Centre St-Pierre


Salle Marcel Laurin

1212 Panet Street, Montreal, H2L 2Y7    (map)

Close to Beaudry Metro station.


Topics to Discover


  • Together we will explore the new application Timeless Today including videos on the app.

  • Discussion on the success of the screening of
    “Inside Peace” at Concordia University.
    We will look at the possibility of repeating the event in 2018.

  • Questions about PEP
    (Peace Education Program)
    What is new? Let’s talk about it…


Special Project to finance upcoming local events:

Win one of two magnificent photographs by Prem Rawat


Coffee Break


To help cover the costs of the event,

voluntary contributions would be appreciated!


News and Thank-You — “Inside Peace” Film in Montreal


Great success for the showing of the

Inside Peace documentary

at Concordia, on October 20th:

110 people attended


Thanks to the teamwork of a tenacious group

and the efforts of several people

who brought their guests,


The atmosphere was very dynamic and guests outnumbered those people familiar with the PEP. Over twenty organizations, universities and CEGEP involved in Peace, Social Rehabilitation, Restorative Justice, etc., have been invited.


There were many questions from the audience regarding the Peace Education Program (PEP), as well as positive comments on the Inside Peace documentary.


For anyone interested in exploring or starting a PEP, simply go to the website and select Peace Education Program in the menu.


A local PEP team in Montreal is happy to offer its support if needed.


Looking forward to working with you all to grow PEP in the Greater Montreal area,


Anne, Berthe, Marielle, Marcel, and Serge

“Inside Peace” Film Presentation — October 2017 in Montreal




DVD can be bought: click here.


You are cordially invited to take part in the success of the screening of

Inside Peace

A powerful documentary on the impact of a “peace class” in the lives of four prisoners

Free Admission


Friday, October 20, 2017, at 7:30 p.m.

Cinéma J.A. de Sève Concordia University

1400, de Maisonneuve Blvd. West­

Guy Metro, Guy St. Exit

(Corridor at metro level leading to the J.W. McConnell Pavilion)

Parking at Concordia University—$7 (evening)—Mackay St. (between De Maisonneuve & Ste-Catherine)

Original version in English with simultaneous translation in French


To present this excellent movie to the public at large and also giving visibility to the Peace Education Program (PEP).

How to Participate

Invite colleagues, friends, family and organizations in your area.

Inside Peace is very successful and has had a great impact in several cities across the USA and Canada. It is our turn in Montreal to showcase the potential of the PEP, highlighted in this documentary.

To Find Out More

Movie Trailer:

To find out more about the PEP: Frequently Asked Questions

Invitations: Practical Tools

  • Invitation Letter

If you would like to use a letter of invitation to send to your guests, you can personalize it as needed; you will find it in the shared directory below:

  • Promotional Poster

You can also use the poster found in the shared directory:

  • Facebook Page

Please visit also our Facebook page

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Anne, Marielle, Marcel and Berthe for

Friends of the Prem Rawat Foundation in Montreal”.

Inside Peace Film Presentation – April 30




90th showing of the excellent documentary,

winner of many film festival awards


Inside Peace


To watch the trailer:


Sunday, April 30th

2 pm to 4:30 pm


Fondation Humaniste du Québec

1225 boulevard Saint-Joseph East, Room 101 

(corner of de la Roche Street), Montreal H2J 1L7

Metro Laurier-Exit Saint-Joseph, Google Map

bus 27 towards East— Or a 7 minutes walk


All are welcome!


A coffee break included.


All funds collected will be used to finance future projects to present this documentary in public screening.


See you soon at the movies!


Invitation for Prem Rawat

Vers le français

Invitation pour Prem Rawat


Premies in North America are inviting Maharaji to do an event. The invitation and instructions to be part of the process appear below:

Dearest Maharaji,

We have enjoyed celebrating your historic 50th Anniversary Year so very much. Thank you for all you do to bring this beautiful message of peace to people around the world.

We are writing to let you know we miss you and are hoping you will do an event in North America soon. As you make your plan for 2017 (even looking ahead to your 60th birthday next December!) please let us celebrate with you. We really need to see you soon!

We are committed to replenish the Event Fund in order to cover the costs for each event in North America this year.

There is nothing like being with you, so we hope to hear from you very soon. With love and eternal gratitude,

Susan Alaimo, Booth Dyess, Steve & Evan McPeters, Dave Cunniff, and Jacques Nolin

Please go to to enter your information and sign the card. The invitation will be given to Maharaji on december 20th.

December 10, 2016, Celebration


Célébration 10 décembre 2016

2016, An exceptional year!

Let’s celebrate it as it concludes


Saturday December 10 from 3 pm to 6 pm


Music, Videos




A raffle of two magnificent artworks by Prem Rawat:


“Bubble” and “Plume”


View the photos on


Tickets for the raffle on sale at the event

Snacks and refreshments will be served


Centre St-Pierre

Room Marcel-Pepin


1212 Panet Street

Montréal, QC, H2L 2Y7

Beaudry Metro Station and

5 min. walk Eastwards on Sainte-Catherine Street


Your contributions will help cover the costs of the event


Looking forward to celebrate with you!

A Day amongst Friends


A day among friends


You are warmly invited to a day among friends

Sunday, October 30

Fondation Humaniste du Québec

1225,  Saint-Joseph Blvd East, Suite 101,  corner de la Roche Street,

Montreal   H2J 1L7

 Laurier Metro, Saint-Joseph Exit – bus  27 heading East or a 7 minute walk

In the morning

Knowledge Review

 For people having already received the techniques of Knowledge

 20 places are available

Please register early by email at:


In the Afternoon

2 pm to 5 pm

Meeting and exchange

  • Happy moments from Amaroo

  • PEP news(Peace Education Program)

  • Other projects

Coffee Break

A contribution is always appreciated to cover the cost of the hall

Looking forward to seeing you!

Cécile and Daniel  from  K6 Team

and also

Anne, Berthe, Marielle and Serge from “Friends of PEP”

Online Live Events — India — 2016


India Google Map

We are happy to inform you that you will be able to watch all the upcoming India events on YouTube live streaming.


For each event, on the same day of the event from 8 PM to 9:30 PM (IST), the official YouTube channel of Anjan TV, at the following URL – Anjan TV YouTube Channel (or:, will stream the event live after a 24 hour countdown.


You will find a live link with the countdown on the homepage of Anjan YouTube Channel the day before the event day.

Please subscribe to the channel.


The events dates are as follows:

  • Chennai –  Sunday 17 July,
  • Surat –  Thursday 21 July,
  • Jaipur –  Sunday 24 July,
  • Kolkata –  Wednesday 27 July,
  • Delhi –  Sunday 31 July.


Please share and inform all people interested.
Please visit India’s website:


Thank You.



  • IST or (India Standard Time) is 9:30 hours ahead of EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).
  • For example:
    While it is
    10:30 AM in Montreal (EDT Time),
    it is
    8 PM in India (IST Time)

Golden Jubilee – 50th Anniversary


Jubilée d or 50 ans

1966 – 2016
Golden Jubilee – 50th Anniversary

2016 is the Golden Jubilee of Prem Rawat’s outstanding work,

bringing his message of peace across the world!

On July 31st celebrate this historic event and join the live opening of the new website:

A multimedia company of Rawat Creations promoting 

“a timeless message for today’s world”.

The countdown is already online



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